Organic Crackers Spirulina - Olives & Rosemary

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Organic Crackers Spirulina - Olives & Rosemary

Organic and raw GOURMET SPIRULINA spirulina crackers are blends of hand-made vegetables certified organic, gluten-free, soy-free and specially adapted for vegans.

They consist mainly of sprouted seeds sown with valuable nutrients and vitamins. The vegetables that make up these crackers have grown in the sun and have been grown with great respect for our land. Added to this are our spirulina and a touch of seasoning for an even tastier taste.

GOURMET SPIRULINA organic spirulina crackers are dried at a low temperature not exceeding 42 ° C to preserve all the nutrients of the foods and superfoods that compose them. These organic and vegan crackers are ideal as an appetizer snack for an irresistible crunchy appetizer.

Fun without moderation for an irresistible crispy aperitif guaranteed ;-)

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What are the nutritional qualities of spirulina that makes GOURMET SPIRULINE crackers ?

Spirulina is often considered the most nutritionally complete food of all dietary supplements, containing a rich diet with many nutrients, including protein, complex carbohydrates, iron and vitamins A, K and B6. It also has a high intake of carotenoids such as beta-carotene and yellow xanthophylls that have antioxidant properties. Spirulina is also rich in chlorophyll and nucleic acids and lipids. Spirulina has countless benefits as a dietary supplement to maintain good health and prevent disease.

Iron is essential for building a strong immune system. Spirulina is rich in iron and minerals, magnesium is easy to consume. It also stimulates the intestinal flora of your digestive tract to promote good digestion and proper functioning of the intestine. The combination of protein and fiber associated with the nutrients of spirulina all contribute to a satiating effect, and will allow you to keep the day without snacking until the next meal.

Ingredients composing organic crackers with spirulina with olives and rosemary GOURMET SPIRULINA

- Sunflower seeds*
- Flax seeds*
- Pumpkin seeds 9%*
- Olives 12%*
- Baobab 1%*
- Rosemary 0,2%* 

* Raw Ingredients from organic agriculture.

Thanks to the integration of spirulina in organic crackers, you can improve your tone or support you in your quest for performance while savoring a light snack for aperitif, organic and healthy for your body.

Premium quality, our spirulina contributes to:

  • Reduce fatigue and stress (Rich in iron)
  • Efficacy of the immune system (Provitamin A β-carotene)
  • Maintain a normal bone structure (Vitamin K2)
  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases (Vitamin B12)

High iron

Better source of bioassimilable iron, spirulina helps fight against fatigue. In France, the SU.VI.MAX study showed that 91% of nonmensopausal adult women have potentially insufficient iron intakes and 24% are simply deficient. A spoon associated with a source of vitamin C allows you to ensure your iron needs of the day as part of a varied and balanced diet.

dryed at 42

Genuinely raw spirulina, dehydrated at less than 42°C

An exceptional know-how is required to get the very best possible spirulina. We dry our spirulina at less than 42°C for an optimal preservation of spirulina's natural good taste and its nutrients. By keeping temperatures so low, oxidation and enzymatic reactions are kept to an absolute minimum, which enables us to get the very best taste and maximise nutrient content.


Phycocyanin (one of the compounds of spirulina) strengthens the immune system.

It is phycocyanin that spirulina owes its nickname of blue alga - particularly potent antioxidant pigment, it is the best indicator of the drying quality of spirulina. With 21 to 25% of the net weight of each sachet, Gourmet Spiruline offers the best phycocyanin levels on the market, twice as much as most spirulina on the market and as many as a thousand ampoules of pure phycocyanin sold in pharmacies !

Fair Trade

A production of family spirulina and equitable.

Passionate and responsible entrepreneurs, we pay great attention to the social and environmental impact of our activity. That's why we chose to work exclusively in fair trade and to ensure the carbon offsetting of the transport of our Spirulina. In addition, two of our partner farms abroad are humanitarian farms (NGOs): our collaboration allows them to finance the distribution of spirulina in their country to fight against malnutrition.

Nutritional values for 100g :

Energy : 2213 KJ / 528 KCAL
Fat : 45,8 G
of which saturates : 6,0 G
Carbohydrate 10,3 G
of which sugars :  2,0 G
Protein : 19,8 G
Fibre : 15,5 G
Salt : 2.8 G








Allergy advice : contains sesame, may contain traces of other seeds, gluten free, soya free, vegan.

Preparation : Slowly dried at temperatures not exceeding 42° C to keep all nutrients alive.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Gourmet Spirulina
Conditioning Pouch 90g - 1 month supply / pers
Organic farming 100% ORGANIC
Ingredients Sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, baobab, olives, rosemary
Format Crackers
Net weight 90g
Culture Pesticide-free, 100% natural and organic
Origin Bulgaria, Burkina Faso
Traceability YES
Portion 4 slices
Preservation 9 months
Packaging Cardboard from responsible forest
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